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We helped Wolters-Kluwer, an international provider of professional information, to improve their work by building a platform for a quick information bulletin creation. Our team delivered the MPV in 4 months!

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2020 - ongoing

What have we delivered?

We provided a team of specialists who quickly built very well-selling software that facilitates the work of accounting offices and law firms enabling them to communicate effectively with clients during the pandemic.

The program is actually a platform enabling companies to prepare an information bulletin for their customers.

What was the challenge?

Wolters Kluwer is an international provider of professional information, software solutions and services for clinical trial researchers, nurses, accountants, lawyers and employees in the tax, financial, audit, risk, compliance and regulatory sectors.

The company approached us at the beginning of the pandemic with the need to quickly develop a solution they designed for their clients. They had a business analysis and UX mockups ready, but needed a partner who would do a fast development job and review the UX assumptions.

They gave us 4 months to deliver the MVP.

Speednet and Wolters Kluwer created a best-selling newsletter platform for accounting offices and law companies

These are the technologies used

Favorite technology

  • .Net
  • React
  • Jira

Speednet Tech Team

In this project 7 people from our team were engaged - backend and frontend developers, UX designer, IT architect and project manager. Customer gave us 4 months to deliver the MVP and our Team managed to do that! Currently we are taking care of the platform’s maintenance.

We brought the idea to life

Client’s feedback

(for approval) We had a great idea and turned it into a great project. The only thing we lacked was people and time. Thanks to Speednet, our idea was quickly implemented and met the needs of our customers. It is currently one of the most popular products in our digital portfolio.

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