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Webmail interface loved by millions

Our best frontend developers, designers, and testers engaged in a project for ONET - one of the biggest media platforms in Poland, used by over 4 million people. The Speednet team built the entire frontend for Onet webmail and provided the desktop and mobile users with a wide range of mail services through a fresh and modern UX design!

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2010 - ongoing

What have we delivered?

We got together a team of top designers, programmers and testers who have built the entire frontend for Onet webmail, the third most frequently chosen webmail in Poland, used by over 4 million people.

Our solution provides desktop and mobile users with a wide range of mail services through a fresh and modern UX design. The story of our working together with Onet begins back in 2010 and is intertwined with the history of Speednet's growth and evolution towards scrum proficient software developer and a provider of team leasing services.

It was with Onet that we carried out our first scrum project. When we started the Onet project, our team consisted of 30 people. Now there are more than 200 of us and we work with many other major national and international clients, but we are still engaged in Onet’s new projects, such as their B2B email marketing platform.

What was the challenge?

Onet.pl is one of the largest internet portals in Poland and provides the third most-popular email service in Poland. As one of the leaders of innovation in modern media, Onet has an excellent team to develop and maintain the email backend.

In order to build webmail worthy of a market leader, the company needed top-class frontend specialists capable of creating the highest quality frontend in line with the current UX trends.

Onet attracts 4,3 mln users to their email service with webmail interface created by Speednet

These are the technologies used

Favorite technology

Speednet Tech Team

Seven of our specialists teamed up with the Onet team and participated in the parallel frontend and backend development of the new webmail. Frontend and fullstack developers, webmasters, IT architect and team leader were all engaged in the project. They work together so well that our tech lead has been in this project for over 13 years!

We brought the idea to life

Client’s feedback

SPEEDNET delivered top-notch work on time. Their team worked in an agile methodology and was responsive to change requests, even mid-way through the project. Although their team organization could be improved, the client is happy with the collaboration.
Katarzyna Nobis-Cyrzyk
Product Owner, RASP

Useful and beautiful design


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