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Android app integrated with Honeywell

Streamlining the DPD’s delivery process through an Android app integrated with the courier's Honeywell scanners

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2017 - 2018

What have we delivered?

An app integrated with the device used by DPD couriers at Pick Up Points, allowing them to quickly locate packages in the system.

The Speednet team delivered functionality that simplified the work of couriers and allowed DPD to significantly streamline their process despite parcel recipients' frequent absences at the time of delivery.

What was the challenge?

DPD Ireland, currently the largest courier company in Ireland with 38 branches nationwide and approximately 13 million parcels handled per year, needed an IT solution integrating devices used by DPD staff and solutions found at pick-up points.

It was necessary to address the recurring problem of a large number of undelivered parcels. The solution had to fit smoothly into the current delivery process, including tools already used by DPD employees. Speednet built an app, integrated with Honeywell devices already used by the staff at pick-up points. An app was created for the Android platform to make its use smooth and simple.

Our solution expanded the delivery options and modernized the whole process, contributing to the overall volume of parcels delivered by the company.

Speednet and DPD increased the volume of delivered parcels with an app integrated with Honeywell scanners

These are the technologies used

Favorite technology

  • Android

Speednet Tech Team

Two Android developers were engaged in the project. The team built an app and integrated with Honeywell devices already used by the staff at pick-up points. Thanks to our job, DPD increased the volume of delivered parcels.

We brought the idea to life

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