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Technology against peer violence

Together with expert educators from SWPS University – the best private university in Poland – we have created RESQL, an app to combat peer violence. The project was recognized as the greatest social innovation in the competition organized during the 13th INTARG 2020 International Fair and won the "Pro Societas Bono" Grand Prix and the Diamond Award!

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2019 - ongoing

What have we delivered?

An app to address a pressing social problem. Together with expert educators from the SWPS University –the best private university in Poland – we have harnessed knowledge and technology to combat peer violence.

We have created an application for schools, through which students report incidents of peer violence, and teachers can react, monitor the scale of violence in their institution and prevent further cases.

The application, called RESQL, is very intuitive. Students install it on their phones and if they witness or experience violence themselves, they can report it in the app by selecting a relevant incident category. The reporting person may remain anonymous or disclose his/her data. The information about the incident is forwarded to the intervening teacher, who, together with other educators, assesses the problem and reacts. Each teacher has access to intervener's panel containing all the necessary information and incoming reports.

The RESQL application was recognized as the greatest social innovation in the competition organized during the 13th INTARG 2020 International Fair. The project won the “Pro Societas Bono” Grand Prix and the Diamond Award. A year later, the system won first place in the Warsaw Booster'21 programme and the title of Innovator of Mazowsze 2021 in the accelerator programme for start-ups. In 2022, the RESQL team received the Prize of the Minister of Education and Science for ‘Achievements in the field of implementation activities’.

We created the application working pro bono, while its further development and support, as well as popularization among schools, will be carried out by the spinoff company that we founded with SWPS.

What was the challenge?

In its report "An Everyday Lesson: #ENDviolence in Schools", UNICEF warns that nearly 150 million children worldwide have experienced peer violence in the last 12 months.

Bullying affects 48% of students aged 13-15 in Poland. Its consequences are serious, ranging from low mood to suicidal thoughts.

At Speednet, many of us are parents. And, probably like everyone else, we faced violence at school when we were young. We believe technology can serve societies and solve problems, so we did what we do best - we wrote good code.

Speednet and SWPS University created an app for reporting, monitoring and preventing peer violence in schools

These are the technologies used

Favorite technology

  • React
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Kotlin
  • Swift
  • Rx JS
  • FireBase

Speednet Tech Team

In this project we engaged 16 of our experts – backend, frontend, Android and iOS developers, DevOps, tester, UX/UI designer, product owner and project manager. We completed the project in the SCRUM methodology, developing the beta version in 5 months. It took us 4 months to get to the live version.

We brought the idea to life

Client’s feedback

In retrospect, one of the smartest choices and decisions RESQL has made to date was the selection of a technology partner. Speednet fits the template of an ideal consortium and partner. Of course, we couldn't have known this before entering into the collaboration. At the time, all we could see was the enthusiasm and fascination with the idea of the RESQL system on the part of Speednet's board members. Today we can unequivocally state that, apart from enthusiasm and commitment, we have got from Speednet competent cooperation, professional service and, what is very important in this relationship, always quick response to our needs. I am very pleased that in such a large undertaking as the RESQL school peer violence prevention system we have such a trusted partner in our team.
Piotr Ciszek
President, RESQL

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