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EdTech company with their learning services

How we helped a Finnish EdTech company to reach global markets with their learning services

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2017 - ongoing
Finland, Sweden, Norway

What have we delivered?

An entirely new administration system and API integrate with already functioning systems. The solution was designed for an online platform offering administration and accounting courses.

Each course included workshops with videos and tests summarizing each chapter. The application has also been enhanced with functionalities responsible for invoicing and contract processing. The platform was fully operational in 6 months and ready for rapid internationalization. Currently, the e-learning platform is available internationally and includes over 200 courses.

What was the challenge?

Opinhajo Oy and Eduhouse joined forces in 2019 to create an advanced competence development system addressed mostly to administration and accounting professionals. At that time the platform had been only available in Scandinavia. The newly formed company wanted us to develop functionalities that would enable international scaling of their product.

Our task was to rework the existing system, which was a necessary stepping stone to expansion to other countries and streamlining the customer service. Everything to a tight 6 weeks’ deadline with no room for errors. We had to quickly get familiar with the existing infrastructure, and then design and implement the new system. The expected solution had to process sensitive data and difficult financial calculations.

Speednet and Eduhouse created an e-learning platform ready for international scaling

These are the technologies used

Favorite technology

  • PHP
  • Symfony 5
  • BitBucket
  • MySQL
  • Doctrine
  • VUE
  • Jira
  • Elastic Search
  • Go
  • NodeJS

Speednet Tech Team

The timescale and specificity of this project required the formation of a Product Dev Team with a product owner and business analysis on the client’s side. Seven of our great experts teamed up with the Eduhouse IT team to work on this project. Together we managed to finish the first phase of this project in just 6 weeks!

We brought the idea to life

Client’s feedback

(for approval) The name Speednet obliges! The team prepared an API perfectly integrated with the applications working in a tight schedule. The prepared solution has been adapted to the needs of professionals using our platform; it's friendly and easy to use among busy working schedule. Thanks to the cooperation with Speednet, we were able to go out into the waters of international markets.

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