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Innovative foodservice solution

We helped a Finnish startup VIILEA in building a revolutionary food delivery service, including locker fridges. Our team created a solution integrating three apps into a fully operational ecosystem, enabling couriers to deliver food to electronic Bluetooth-accessed lockers.

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2019 - ongoing

What have we delivered?

We worked with Viilea a revolutionary food delivery service. It enables customers to order groceries online, to be delivered by couriers to locker-fridges installed at the delivery address where customers pick them up at their convenience.

The Speednet team created a solution integrating three apps into a fully operational ecosystem, enabling couriers to deliver food and customers to pick it up. The whole service is handled through an app from both sides with an additional back-office web panel where orders, payment, and user accounts are processed.

Currently, the solution is in the experimental stage with over 2,000 locker fridges installed. Thanks to our support Viilea was able to advance the project to the stage where it could be pitched to potential investors.

What was the challenge?

Viilea is a Finnish project aspiring to revolutionize the food industry using outdoor locker fridges and door-to-door delivery. Such an idea appeared to be especially useful in pandemic circumstances.

In order to develop a solution for electronic Bluetooth-accessed lockers, we had to read through the communication protocol written entirely in Chinese.

Speednet and Viilea created an innovative e-commerce service delivering food to the customer’s yard

These are the technologies used

Favorite technology

  • Kotlin
  • Swift
  • Rx JS
  • Azure
  • .Net
  • Kubernetes
  • Jenkins

Speednet Tech Team

...consisted of 15 specialists who worked with Vilea to create a UX friendly app. Everything was done in the SCRUM methodology. We created an ecosystem from scratch in close multi-stage cooperation with Viilea. Thanks to a series of strategic workshops with a Speednet business analyst, we were able to determine the optimal shape of the application which meant that the development phase went very smoothly.

We brought the idea to life

Client’s feedback

(for approval) Thanks to the Speednet team, we have finalized a very experimental business process and managed to gain investors' attention and show them the already functioning solution. Speednet built us a system from scratch and provided key insights on the subsequent stages of the project. Our cooperation is not over yet and we hope for a long continuation!

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