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Digital transformation in education

How we proved that digital transformation in education is a good idea

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2018 - ongoing

What have we delivered?

A mobile application providing comprehensive support for teachers, with mobile access to digitized textbooks, lesson plans and other teaching materials.

The solution has been designed to be fully interoperable, using an adapter provided by an external hardware vendor. With that, it works well with a variety of school equipment; teachers can, for example, display teaching materials using any school projector. The integration of the mobile application with the device allowing for displaying multimedia content using projectors has been our first large-scale experience in the field of IoT and smart solutions.

What was the challenge?

OPERON is one of the leaders of the Polish educational publishing market. The company provides textbooks for all levels of school education, as well as multimedia teaching aids and educational videos.

On the highly competitive educational publishing market, Operon decided to gain an advantage and be the first publisher in Poland to digitize textbooks and make them available to teachers via smartphones.

For Operon we created an app empowering teachers to do their job better with mobile access learning resources

These are the technologies used

Favorite technology

  • React
  • Android
  • Java

Speednet Tech Team

A team of 6 specialists from Speednet was involved in the project. They developed a beta version in 3 months, and then worked on the most likely candidate for release for 9 months. It took them 3 months to develop the live version.

We brought the idea to life

Client’s feedback

(for approval) The presence of technology in education really makes sense and we managed to prove it together with Speednet, whose support has proved crucial for this digital transformation project. We have opened up new possibilities for teachers in the way of conducting lessons, this is especially important at a time when young people are used to consuming multimedia content.

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