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We provide comprehensive software building solutions

Banking & finance

A mobile banking application

Our team contributed to the digital transformation at Pop Pankki - a group of 26 local cooperative banks located all over Finland. We delivered a mobile banking application, one of the highest-rated apps on Google Play and App store in Finland. Everything happened in less than a year!

Payka - Buy now, pay later service

Payka allows users to pay (in Buy Now Pay Later schema) a utility bills such as energy, TV, Internet or telephone. The online payment process is fully automated, quick and simple.


EdTech company with their learning services

How we helped a Finnish EdTech company to reach global markets with their learning services


FICO - Professional and efficient CMS platform

FICO is a leading analytics software company present in 90 countries. In order to streamline the company’s global workflow in marketing and sales, we engaged in the process of building an efficient CMS platform supporting 9 languages! Find out how we approached the topic and delivered one of the greatest systems in our career!


Technology against peer violence

Together with expert educators from SWPS University – the best private university in Poland – we have created RESQL, an app to combat peer violence. The project was recognized as the greatest social innovation in the competition organized during the 13th INTARG 2020 International Fair and won the "Pro Societas Bono" Grand Prix and the Diamond Award!

Banking & finance

Audit into the digital era

Genossenschaftsverband We worked with a large association of craft cooperatives from all over Germany to digitize the auditing process. Our team - in cooperation with external support - took care of in-depth UX analysis, development, and system maintenance, to finally move the entire audit management to the digital era!

FinTech Banking & finance

Bancovo - Creation of an innovative fintech platform

We cooperated with Alior Bank to create a platform allowing customers to compare loan offers and quickly and easily obtain cash via the internet. Apart from building the entire platform, our team was also involved in the onboarding of specialists on the client-side to manage the Bancovo application.


PAYR - Smart mobile app

Payr, a Norwegian fintech innovator needed iOS and Android experts to build a fintech mobile application. We created an app that summarizes monthly payments, facilitate to pay bills and provides cost analysis.


Loan sales and management system

How we stepped in to maintain and push forward a legacy-code based loan sales and management system

Banking & finance

Digital transformation

SAAR LB The credit approval process generates a huge amount of documentation. To change the status quo, we joined the ranks of Landesbank Saar - a large investment bank in Germany, to digitize their business and improve efficiency. Find out how we approached the challenge to administer a complete digital transformation!


Webmail interface loved by millions

Our best frontend developers, designers, and testers engaged in a project for ONET - one of the biggest media platforms in Poland, used by over 4 million people. The Speednet team built the entire frontend for Onet webmail and provided the desktop and mobile users with a wide range of mail services through a fresh and modern UX design!

Banking & finance

Facilitating an M&A transaction between banks

Facilitating an M&A transaction between banks by rapidly developing an online service platform A-rated for security


Operational e-learning platform

One year to build a fully operational e-learning platform with extensive-feedback-based UX


Innovative foodservice solution

We helped a Finnish startup VIILEA in building a revolutionary food delivery service, including locker fridges. Our team created a solution integrating three apps into a fully operational ecosystem, enabling couriers to deliver food to electronic Bluetooth-accessed lockers.


Android app integrated with Honeywell

Streamlining the DPD’s delivery process through an Android app integrated with the courier's Honeywell scanners


MedTech startup

We helped a Berlin based medtech startup make their ambitious vision of advanced service come into life. Our team enabled this MedTech startup to launch an innovative DNA-based health consulting service.


Bring their great idea to life

We helped Wolters-Kluwer, an international provider of professional information, to improve their work by building a platform for a quick information bulletin creation. Our team delivered the MPV in 4 months!


Digital transformation in education

How we proved that digital transformation in education is a good idea