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Digital transformation

SAAR LB The credit approval process generates a huge amount of documentation. To change the status quo, we joined the ranks of Landesbank Saar - a large investment bank in Germany, to digitize their business and improve efficiency. Find out how we approached the challenge to administer a complete digital transformation!

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2019 - ongoing

What have we delivered?

We worked together with a large investment bank in Germany to depaperize and digitize their credit approval process to improve its efficiency.

We took care of UX, development and maintenance of a system that enabled three groups of stakeholders: clients, bank employees and top management to participate in a transparent, well-organized and effective process of assessing investment loan applications.

During the project, we worked with Horn&Company, a well-known consulting firm. Our solution is fully compatible with the Landesbank Saar core IT system.

What was the challenge?

Landesbank Saar is a large German investment bank. The bank provides loans between EUR 20 million and 50 million and operates in Germany and France.

The process of processing a loan application generates a huge amount of documentation. When it was traditionally paper-based, both the client-bank exchanges and the internal circulation of documents were very laborious and time consuming.

The situation fully revealed its disadvantages when COVID-19 hit, hence fast and efficient digital transformation of the key process became absolutely essential.

Speednet and Landesbank Saar depaperized and digitized the credit-granting process and massively improved its efficiency

These are the technologies used

Favorite technology

  • Angular
  • Java
  • Hibernate
  • Kubernetes
  • TypeScript
  • Docker

Speednet Tech Team

Eleven members of the Speednet team worked on the solution for Landesbank Saar. We engaged to this project frontend and backend developers, business analyst, UX designer, devops, tester and project manager. It took the team three months to reach the MVP stage.

We brought the idea to life

Client’s feedback

(for approval) Working with Speednet, we made a huge leap not only in customer service, but also in how our internal processes functioned. The flexibility of our partner and the ability to create solutions consistent with the systems we already have, as well as their fintech competences make them an ideal partner for banks and other financial institutions.

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